Apollux Introduces Himself

Heya all of you fine people, as times go on we head straight out to January 24th, which will be the second Birthday of this little side-project of mine – it has been long a bit asleep, but now I think I gonna to revive it a little bit – and hence introduce myself again.

I am Lukas, and I go by the name of Apollux – a Nick I have chosen a long time ago and been aliasing with it since then. So it was obvious that I gonna name my website this way. I don’t have a firm genre, of Games I like but the most – and therefore most featured here – are Open-World Games with that extra aspect of survival, simulators like My Summer Car where you get to tickle around on virtual machines ( and get drunk and swear while smoking cigarettes ) and all kinds of adventure games.

Since the day I started this piece I kept it always casual – now and then recording a video, going trough the work of editing it ( when you are not a content creator of yourself, you wouldn’t know the amount of work to wade trough. Its HUGE ! And then you need to write a little text to put in your Blogpost, create a Thumbnail and upload this shit somewhere … and yeah, when you are occupied in other manners in your life, you do loose track sometimes and then, in within a blink of an eye, there are 4 month gone without uploading a single video. And since my views are sneakingly falling I felt motivated to load the content gun once more and start upload some stuff again.

In within the reach of the second birthday of this blog, I might go and do a special .. we will see if it comes the way I am imaginating about right now. For the moment there is not much left to say and I hope I will see you (again) either here, or on hive.blog a platform I really enjoy for its decentralisation of social media channels and a genuine friendly community with a very low level of toxicity.

Well… enough of those words, enough of introduce myself … I welcome you (once again) here on these pages and hope you will join the jouney. As always, when you’ve got some questions or just like to leave a comment, you are welcome to. Have fun, stay healthy and have great day!



Hi I am a mad scientist and a philosopher who likes to play video games. Especially simulations, space games and weird stuff you can find on the Internet. Oh and Viking shit. Get yourself some snacks, or a joint, or both. who cares. get seated and enjoy the show.
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