King Apollux is Back! Let’s play Yes Your Grace Season 2

what’s up you noble maiden, sires and especially you, you plebs; welcome, King Apollux is Back, Let’s play Yes Your Grace – Season 2. Being a king is not easy, especially if you are surrounded by your lowers, all begging for some shit. who told being a king means wandering around in big fancy castles, eating one feast after another and having bards singing and dancing around for your entertainment. […]

Yes Your Grace: Messed up King who is a messed up parent makes messed up decisions in messed up kingdom

In today’s Let’s play Yes Your Grace Episode 1, we play Brave at Night’s Indie Game Yes Your Grace. It is a point and click adventure all about making tough decisions. Join me in reigning a f****d up Kingdom, making doubtable decisions while progressing somehow. Many plebs are visiting me in my crown hall and want me stuff to do or pay which is hard, because there is no money […]