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Hey people from the internet, foodies, hippies and all that craze; get ready to flip out over this latest culinary adventure—authentic Berlin-style Pfannkuchen! 🥞 In this sizzlin’ cooking video, we’re takin’ our taste buds on a trip to the streets of Berlin, or more like its pastries; where these fluffy, golden pancakes are an absolute must-try. These are the only-real-deal-pfannkuchen you will ever come across.

Picture this: we’ve got our frying pans sizzlin’ like a summer BBQ, and we’re mixin’ up the batter like mad scientists in the kitchen lab. Like a french men with dank armpits and a rat on his shoulder – just without the french, armpits and rats. Flour, eggs, milk—boom, boom, boom, we’re mixin’ it up faster than you can say “f*** it give me another one”

You gonna need:

Heat up the milk to a cozy temperature, add half of the sugar, yeast – let it ferment for a while, then whisk togehter with vanilla sugar, flour, eggs and melted butter. Create a nice batter. Let it rest for at least 1h, better tho over night to let yeast do its magic. The create nice balls. NICE BALLS. let them rest again for a while to puff up again. then throw them into medium hot oil.

Once that batter hits the hot pan, it’s like magic happening right before our eyes. The edges start to crisp up, the aroma fills the air , like freaking nice vanillary pastry and we’re just droolin’ with anticipation. mouth gets wet. It’s like a culinary rollercoaster, and we’re holdin’ on for dear life! Or like a loaded pumpgun with pastryshells. Or a frying missle of boiling good oilyness. A nuclear sub of… whatever acutally- this text is just an addition to the video. Aiming to be high literature – not.

But wait, here’s where things get real interesting—we’re takin’ these pancakes to the next level with some classic fillings. Yes you have heard right. You need to fill gooey goodness into the buns. Maybe you already have an idea how this works. If not, I gonna show you. From sweet fruit compote like in this video to creamy pudding and maybe even a dollop of Nutella (because why not?), you can take anything. In Berlin there is like a tradition for news years eve to have pfannkuchen. One filled with mustard tho. Because the shits and the giggles and for the person to get this to have especially a lot of luck in new year. we’re turnin’ these pancakes into a taste sensation that’ll have your taste buds doin’ a happy dance.

And the best part? Im sharin’ all this pancake-flippin’ secrets with you, so you can recreate this mouthwatering masterpiece in your own kitchen. Trust me, once you’ve had a bite of these authentic Berlin-style Pfannkuchen, you’ll never look at breakfast the same way again. Or think about “Berliner” or “krapfen” lol.

So grab your spatula, crank up the heat, and let’s get cookin’! Authentic Berlin-style Pfannkuchen, here we come!
Funfact: I am on my way being a master chef, so check out my other cooking

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