Metro 2033: Jumpscare Simulator

Come come people, step into the post-apocalyptic ruins of Moscow with our latest Metro 2033 Let’s Play, aptly titled “Jumpscare Simulator”. Why? Because it freaking is. Watch as we navigate through this eerie, desolate world where everything lays in ashes. The city’s streets are infested with flying monsters, witches or bitches called, I seriously don’t know! (B)Witches and creepy, mutated giant rats. If you’re into spine-chilling encounters, heart-pounding suspense, and […]

Hunting for Merchant Ships – King of Seas Gameplay

Ahoy there, mateys! Get ready to set sail on a high-seas adventure in “Hunting for Merchant Ships – King of Seas Gameplay.” Arrr, we’ve got some swashbucklin’ action ahead that’ll make you want to shout, “Shiver me timbers!” In this epic journey, our fearless protagonist, Luky, is on a mission to train his pirate skills, and that means one thing: hunting down those pesky Merchant Alliance ships. Aye, it’s a […]

Robot Army Mayhem in Fallout 4

Get ready for some mind-blowing action, fellow gamers, ’cause we’re diving into Robot Army Mayhem in Fallout 4! It’s like an energy drink-fueled explosion of chaos, but family-friendly, of course. HEHE LOL that is without the (digital) corpses and all those swears >:D We’re the Overboss in this wild Kingdom of Gangs, and guess what? These Raiders / Their minions don’t know what’s about to hit ’em. Our secret? An […]

Postal 4 Gameplay – Monday: Part Two (Shit is on Fire)

Hi y’all and welcome back to my page and welcome to Postal 4 Gameplay – Monday: Part Two (Shit is on Fire). Today we are enjoying some more runninng with scissorses Postal 4 and oh boy do I enjoy this. We kick up where we left off: Working for the local job agency. If you haven’t seen the first part I recommend you to do so here Sewage working is […]

DEATH BY SQUIRTGUN – Apollux Plays Fallout 4

A very sunmery Greeting to you and welcome (back) to Apollux Plays Games – today it’s DEATH BY SQUIRTGUN Apollux plays Fallout 4. I know I know, it is not the most recent game, and yes I have so many Series on my page, I really don’t need another one. So, as a solution orientated fella I decided this not being a series. * I enjoyed Fallout 4 always, it […]

Banging Big in Bronze: Valheim Gameplay #2

AAAAAAAaarrrrrhhhhhh!! ( intimidating war cry ) Brothers, today we are Banging Big in Bronze: Valheim Gameplay #2. Growth, Growth GROWTH! Like Humanity ( in a nutshell ) we thrive steep – from the wild into the civilization. The bronze age has begun! Fire up the smelter, smack that tin and copper deposits and then the local wildlife will get fucked over soon! With the full power of bronze-age-technology! It would […]

Blyating Around in Metro 2033

Comrades, Today it is time: blyating around in Metro 2033. Cyka! This is first time playing Metro 2033 game and oh boi is it a fine Establishment with gorgeous architecture and friendly people. there is laughter and companionship and good food and lots to drink. Yes there are even instruments all over the place. The local shooting range is also worth a visit. 5/7 stars on trip advisor. Also the […]

Ragnar Raudr Rises – Let’s play Valheim

Greetings to you, lone traveler and welcome to Ragnar Raudr rises – let’s play Valheim. Do you hear the whispering winds in the trees? And the water splashing on the rocks? Do you see the lush green landscape and the silent forests? Their silence is an ancient one, holding wisdom from the dawn of time, once a present from the gods. The world is a garden and valheim a place […]

John Rambo for welfare receiver – let’s play Far Cry Part 2

Whats up my chocolate eating furry friends, today with some John Rambo for welfare receiver – let’s play Far Cry Part 2. Well, actually its Jack Carver from Ubisoft’s Far Cry Series, but who cares? I know I know, it has been a while since I was posting anything here. Lo siento. Butttt, therefore I do that today! And even better, today with some more Far Cry and with facecam. […]