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Banging Big in Bronze: Valheim Gameplay #2

AAAAAAAaarrrrrhhhhhh!! ( intimidating war cry ) Brothers, today we are Banging Big in Bronze: Valheim Gameplay #2. Growth, Growth GROWTH! Like Humanity ( in a nutshell ) we thrive steep – from the wild into the civilization. The bronze age has begun! Fire up the smelter, smack that tin and copper deposits and then the local wildlife will get fucked over soon! With the full power of bronze-age-technology! It would be the case that wildlife fights back. One might say furiously. But per chance there is a tower hidden in the black forests: a perfect place to retreat, a bunker, a place to replenish lost health points. Usually it is crowded by some Greydwarfes. But you can smash those critters in a blink of an eye. tzzz, pathetic. ( seymour.jpg ) Wolves are tough tho. A true tank, and swiftly MF’s they are too. But the most I enjoy trolls: big, fat, hairy bastards who suck up a lot of damage.

So we keep that furnace blazing for some bronze headed arrows and then blow them away. I do need to fill this text a little bit more with keywords, to make Google like me some more: what a brilliant viking game. It takes place in the bronze-age. So I believe. And a bit of iron- age. you could say midival ( actually that was later) . And it contains nordic-mythology-style creatures ( so its nothing you would compare to reality anyways ) ( Or would you? ) Anyhow, I am getting carried away writing this. Valheim is nice, I like Valheim.

If you enjoy stuff like this, go watch the first part. Yeah. Or if you are even more hooked, go support the Developer and buy it. You can get it on steam, for example. I am not affiliated with neither of them. But for now I hope you enjoy Banging Big in Bronze: Valheim Gameplay #2

Hi I am a mad scientist and a philosopher who likes to play video games. Especially simulations, space games and weird stuff you can find on the Internet. Oh and Viking shit. Get yourself some snacks, or a joint, or both. who cares. get seated and enjoy the show.
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