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Farming is hard: My Summer Car S2E2

It’s time to enjoy Farming is Hard – My Summer Car S2E2. Yes that is because of SEO I start my description this way. But: Last time we played My Summer Car we fiddled on our engine and made quite some progress. Too bad tho that I forgot what I was doing and where I left off. Well for that videos sake I could have made some research. But I wanted to try some new features which came with some development updates anyways. And while typing this I came to learn that there is a 🍶 emoticon. This has nothing to do with that video but it appears interesting to me. anyhow: instead of working on the car engine we take the tractor for a spin, because some of the town folks in the nearer area suffered a heart attack and need some help with their haybales. That is a Job for Apollux! so we grab a our pocket bike for some extra movement options and of course a case of good ol’ beer. there is left to say that there are some nice radio station to listen to and that finnish landscape is quite vast. Oh, and that you better drive carefully ALL the time. It’s quite challenging to move haybales around, I can tell you !

Well, enough talk, more play: let’s dive in Farming is hard – My Summer Car S2E2

oh and if you like this series then check out Part One of this Season
– and buy this game on steam, tho I am NOT affiliated!

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