Banging Big in Bronze: Valheim Gameplay #2

AAAAAAAaarrrrrhhhhhh!! ( intimidating war cry ) Brothers, today we are Banging Big in Bronze: Valheim Gameplay #2. Growth, Growth GROWTH! Like Humanity ( in a nutshell ) we thrive steep – from the wild into the civilization. The bronze age has begun! Fire up the smelter, smack that tin and copper deposits and then the local wildlife will get fucked over soon! With the full power of bronze-age-technology! It would […]

Ragnar Raudr Rises – Let’s play Valheim

Greetings to you, lone traveler and welcome to Ragnar Raudr rises – let’s play Valheim. Do you hear the whispering winds in the trees? And the water splashing on the rocks? Do you see the lush green landscape and the silent forests? Their silence is an ancient one, holding wisdom from the dawn of time, once a present from the gods. The world is a garden and valheim a place […]