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Ragnar Raudr Rises – Let’s play Valheim

Greetings to you, lone traveler and welcome to Ragnar Raudr rises – let’s play Valheim. Do you hear the whispering winds in the trees? And the water splashing on the rocks? Do you see the lush green landscape and the silent forests? Their silence is an ancient one, holding wisdom from the dawn of time, once a present from the gods. The world is a garden and valheim a place for souls to thrive to their inevitable destiny. And so the hero of our story, Ragnar incarnates in this world – well, is brought by a giant bird with glowing eyes, and finds himself thrown in a world full of wonder and prosperity but also full of challenges and trying times. So we head out, punch some trees and collect some rocks. also berries, mushrooms and herbs. Base building is a struggily cause, if struggily is even a real word. One runs back and forth through the forest and base, building walls and beds and shit.

also we beat up some boars, and also some deer, and finally the king of stags: Eikthyr, the majestic king of the forest. well, he -was- but is not so anymore. But he did go in grace, he did go like .. a shooting star.

If you enjoy this viking shit, then go ahead and check their offical store page

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But now without any further interruption; go dive into Ragnar Raudr Rises – Let’s play Valheim

Hi I am a mad scientist and a philosopher who likes to play video games. Especially simulations, space games and weird stuff you can find on the Internet. Oh and Viking shit. Get yourself some snacks, or a joint, or both. who cares. get seated and enjoy the show.
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