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A tale of Des Aster – Let’s play Kenshi #1

Welcome to Let’s play Kenshi #1. Let me tell you a story about struggle. A grim tale. A tale of Des Aster. It‘s a story about surviving the harshest of all environments. This is a story about loss and being let down. Dangers lurk behind every corner. No unicorns await around the corner to make things right. No this is a story like life itself. when you are being let down you have to stand up for yourself for a fight. Because no one else will carry this fight for you if not you for yourself. Des Aster, a man who was thrown into his destiny without preparation. A man who is left just with on chance, the chance given by himself to fight for what he stands. Welcome to this first episode of our Lets play Kenshi. We are thrown into a world without mercy. It’s a world decided by sword, a world of the dominant forcing their will upon the weak. Those who cannot stand a fight for themselves. Who are you left behind with only your believes. Are you thrown out? by a recless society? or are you a underdog, waiting patiently for his turn on the chessboard of power? Will you stay honest? Or will you take every chance you can grab to prosper? What is the worth of honest work in an apocalyptic world? Will you still work hard, even there is a chance of losing all? Will you prefer to life homeless in a society or will you go out into the harsh wilds? And what df is a greenfruit? In this let’s play of Kenshi #1 we will see where fait will drive us. Shut up, get some Snacks and dive in.

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