German Bread Honey Mustard Burger Paella – Playing Cooking Simulator

Yo, what’s cookin’, my fellow foodies? Get ready for a epic Cooking Simulator fail-fest! Today, I tried to whip up a honey mustard burger, but let me tell you, it turned into an epic kitchen chaos like you’ve never seen before! So, I started off all hyped up like a kid on too much sugar, thinking I’m gonna nail this burger, right? First, I had to prep all the ingredients, […]

DEATH BY SQUIRTGUN – Apollux Plays Fallout 4

A very sunmery Greeting to you and welcome (back) to Apollux Plays Games – today it’s DEATH BY SQUIRTGUN Apollux plays Fallout 4. I know I know, it is not the most recent game, and yes I have so many Series on my page, I really don’t need another one. So, as a solution orientated fella I decided this not being a series. * I enjoyed Fallout 4 always, it […]

King Apollux is Back! Let’s play Yes Your Grace Season 2

what’s up you noble maiden, sires and especially you, you plebs; welcome, King Apollux is Back, Let’s play Yes Your Grace – Season 2. Being a king is not easy, especially if you are surrounded by your lowers, all begging for some shit. who told being a king means wandering around in big fancy castles, eating one feast after another and having bards singing and dancing around for your entertainment. […]

A tale of Des Aster – Let’s play Kenshi #1

Welcome to Let’s play Kenshi #1. Let me tell you a story about struggle. A grim tale. A tale of Des Aster. It‘s a story about surviving the harshest of all environments. This is a story about loss and being let down. Dangers lurk behind every corner. No unicorns await around the corner to make things right. No this is a story like life itself. when you are being let […]