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King Apollux is Back! Let’s play Yes Your Grace Season 2

what’s up you noble maiden, sires and especially you, you plebs; welcome, King Apollux is Back, Let’s play Yes Your Grace – Season 2. Being a king is not easy, especially if you are surrounded by your lowers, all begging for some shit. who told being a king means wandering around in big fancy castles, eating one feast after another and having bards singing and dancing around for your entertainment. WRONG! behead every person telling you this shit. Being King actually means hard work, deciding, managing your military, your court and especially your family. in particular if you have three daughters and a wife. *sigh*
We get visited by some red-headed radovians, what ever the feck that would be. Our castle is being an absolute mess, walls coming in, rain pouring from the roof and for some reason people’s children get kidnapped all the time. And then they want me to pay the ransom. I mean, do I look like I be a welfare office? In this Episode of our Let’s play Yes Your Grace – Season 2 we get confronted with a that stuff.

Also the family, what can I tell you. One daughter sneaks out at night, the other one snitches on her. Oh and the third one is about to get married to a thug. That’s a A grade in parenting there. Well that marriage thing isn’t her fault actually. Its more like a mess up on the parent-side of that relationship. We have to get from appointment to appointment. As I said, Kings life is a hard life.

But also we have a kitty, which is a good thing. Kitties are good.

If you want to get that Game for yourself, here is the Link to the Steam Store. I am still not affiliated with steam, but I am still a great fan. Especially their Project Proton to make Games for Windows playable on Linux distributions deserve much more attention. This is working really well with very little effort for the user. Thumbs up.
Oh yeah, the link I was talking about is here

And if you want to watch my messed up first Episode which concluded the whole season at the same time, go here: Season 1

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