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John Rambo for welfare receiver – let’s play Far Cry Part 2

Whats up my chocolate eating furry friends, today with some John Rambo for welfare receiver – let’s play Far Cry Part 2. Well, actually its Jack Carver from Ubisoft’s Far Cry Series, but who cares?

I know I know, it has been a while since I was posting anything here. Lo siento. Butttt, therefore I do that today! And even better, today with some more Far Cry and with facecam. Isn’t that something? I think that is something. hehe.

Because I enjoyed playing Far Cry in summer Holydays, and and that has been now some time since then, I wanted to play some again. We strafe into the jungles of some unknown south sea archipelago and go hunting some mercenaries, of a, yeah what else, mad german scientist. We go into action like D-day , then steal a buggy, blow up some dudes, boats and helicopters + big giant satellite dishes. We fly some, uh idk the name of that, some flying thingies and blow up an entire base. Then we do some stunting. Sound like some serious John Rambo action to me?! Well, the standards of social wellfare recievers isnt high, so we might sell them Jack Carvers ( the main protagonist) as a substitute. I don’t know, I never been one. Enough of the shittalk, I am happy to welcome you (back) to this gaming blog and so I say let’s have some John Rambo for welfare receiver – let’s play Far Cry Part 2

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If you are a proud owner of Valve’s steam client, you can buy Far Cry here

And if you haven’t checked it out already, click here for Part 1 our Far Cry Adventure . I perfect summer holiday with beaching, boating, driving and hunting. Fuck yeah.

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