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Hi and welcome to this first let’s play of Far Cry! Because it is so warm around here and the holidays just beginning, I felt like playing a little holiday themed game. And since I found my dusty old copy of Far Cry ( the first far cry!), I reconned that this is the perfect match. So I threw Far cry in my also kinda dusty optical drive ( CD / DVD , if anyone of you remembers ) and installed this charming piece of work. Released back in 2004 this makes me feel old 🙁 back in my middle school Ubisoft’s far cry was THE CREME DE LA CREME in video gaming. The graphics blew our minds back then and cryengine was allowing you to run totally amok. Even by today standards this is a quite lively and we’ll designed game. Even the AI in Far Cry is kinda smart, when rushing you trying to flank. But see for yourself.

So in this holiday let’s play we are visiting a remote archipelago in the southern seas. And boy this is sweet holidays. We went down to the beach for a little swimming, took a 4×4 trough dunes. We even went boating like the posh. And because we can and we play far cry we went also for a nice (man)hunting trip. but not without admiring the astonishing beautiful nature around us. So why not get some snacks and dive in this first let’s play of Ubisoft’s Far Cry. ( I also had quite some fun in editing this shit too!) Oh yeah if you liked it, consider sharing, will ya? Or subscribe to my mailing list. I have a nice Bot supplying you with the newest videos. and also I promise not to sell your data to anybody. have fun and a great day 🙂

Oh before I forget. Here are 3 reasons why let’s plays are good for your health without abusing the search engine optimization. 1. let’s plays are good entertainment, you get to chill out a bit and still be able to learn something here and there. 2. let’s plays are so divers like people. isn’t that a valid point? also do let’s plays help you get better in games because you can learn some tricks. and there is even a 4. point why let’s plays are good: let’s plays allow you to learn about games you have forgotten about or haven’t even known existing at all. that’s nice, isn’t it? And now let’s play some games and enjoy the show!

If you want any further Information regarding Ubisoft’s Far Cry, start in this wiki

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