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GTA:SA rainbomized Let’s play #5

Hi Friends and Furries, welcome Back to GTA San Andreas rainbomized #5. Today we are bringing the Plot a little bit further. Since this is not really a series because the Storyline of the game is kinda screwed up, we just gonna hit one mission after another and enjoy the rainbomized action going down on us. It appears that I am quite confused this whole episode again and again. To my defense: you never know when the game is f****ed up or you are. This Rainbomizer for San Andreas makes stories sometimes unplayable. When critical Mission – Vehicles getting changed into other stuff, this is sometimes game breaking. But other than that it helps when the player isn’t stupid, too. Since this is GTA San Andreas rainbomized #5 everyone should know the drill already. I did some missions behind scenes because the game kept crashing on me. Once I even had to turn off the mod because it would crash all the time when I went to finish the mission.

So in today’s letsplay we have to fly an airplane and also enter one too. This developes into a real fight without the use of firearms. Also we get stranded in the desert and manage to escape, but then something went not exactly according to plan. ( Hint: remember when I mentioned the player being stupid? It might have something to do with that. But we don’t wanna spoil here ) Also we met with Big Smoke to fetch his cousin Mary from Mexico from the airport but ended up in the wrong neighborhood. Trouble was getting at hand very quick. These Vagos do not understand much humor when getting in their turf.

If you liked this Episode consider watching the whole series >here<

And if you are interested in this mod you can get it >here< . Please be advised that you gonna need the US Version of the Game ( 1.0. to be specific ) in order to play this mod.

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