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Freelancer E03: Hunting Artifact Smugglers

what’s up fighter pilots and space scum, today we enjoy Freelancer E03: Hunting Artifact Smugglers. In this episode of Microsoft’s Freelancer we will take on the fight against illegal artifact trading in the liberty sector. these leftovers from alien world’s bring a nice bargain in these industrial developed worlds and are quite enjoyed by the wealthy posh people. Our Job is to fight alongside the Liberty Security Forces to prevent more of these potential dangerous items from entering. Edison Trent sees it quite pragmatic: in hunting down he can create ROCKET MAYHAM. and since this is a text for my dear guests and search engines alike I stupidly repeat a few keywords. In this let’s play of Microsoft Freelancer we play this space simulation and one of the best games Microsoft has ever published. Oh boy Microsoft Freelancer is a timeless marvel for anyone who enjoys playing space simulation games. Shit again this text doesn’t hit 400 words. Well anyways, I am amazed that you are still reading this. Since you are you might as well subscribe to my email newsletter. All the addresses will be used only for that purpose, are saved locally and will never be sold to third parties. Indianerehrenwort!

That said, have fun watching Freelancer E03: Hunting Artifact Smugglers

And if you haven’t already, go watch the 2nd part of this series.

Oh, further: wanna play for yourself? Got a hard time finding a copy of the game. There are sites, where
you can download Freelancer directly, but some are more trustworthy than others. If you are lucky than you might get your used copy off amazon. Note: I am not affiliated with amazon.

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