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Freelancer Episode 2: Destroying Rouge Base

Welcome back! I know, I know, its been quite a while since we got the last sign of life here. Well, I have been working on the backend a lot and changed quite some stuff. First and foremost I wanted to change the hosting solution of my videos. In the future we will display the videos in our own Player! yes, thats right. I wanted to have my own Website, if I wanted to have a Youtube-like page I could have gone there. But anyways, this is an kinda old recording I ‘ve had lying around. And since it would not make sense to Jump story in our Freelancer storyline, I publish it.

Well, so let’s jump into topic; in this Episode of Microsofts Freelancer we start over where we left our Protagonist Edison Trent the last time: on Planet Pittsburgh. Your low-level, desertly mining-shithole in the heart of Liberty. Last time we baited Liberty Pirates with a pharmaceutical transport and now we go out and hunt them down in the debris fields behind Planet Pittsburgh. We defend a prison ship on a kinda last call and set off for retailiation: destroying their base of operations in a big ball of fire. Altough we still only got the starflyer we already made some small changes: equipping a Plasma gun and some rockets! Oh boy I love my rockets. But see for your self in todays Episode of Microsoft’s Freelancer. Have fun and thanks for your visit !
oh yeah, and sorry once more for not publishing the last 6 weeks or so. I promise improvement 🙂

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Hi I am a mad scientist and a philosopher who likes to play video games. Especially simulations, space games and weird stuff you can find on the Internet. Get yourself some snacks, get seated and enjoy the show.
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