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GTA:SA rainbomized – (Flower)Pot-Race

Ahoi Gamers and welcome to GTA:SA rainbomized – (Flower)Pot-Race! Today we won’t set sail, but instead race a flowerpot. You are about to get in into a new Episode of the shitfest-bonanza called Rainbomizer Mod for GTA San Andreas. GTA San Andreas itself is a Game you can grab out of your shelf and de-dust it to play it again in 2020. And if you happen to be lucky enough to have ( or smart enough to get ) US Version 1.0 you can install GTA San Andreas rainbomizer Mod . GTA San Andreas is old but gold Video Game history. It’s story, as well the recreation of three american idol cities does make it to a have to play(ed) title in it’s days and even to today in some extend. But besides the cities featured its the vast rural areas you can travel in this game: the big redwood forests south of san fierro, with its dark ambients, the high mount Chilliad with his Bike Trails and the vast desert of Las Venturas. You ought to travel them.

We blew up Torino in San Fierro and had to race OG Loc to his studio to serve him justice. Nice.

Also we took the opportunity to get into the quarry located near Las Venturas to organise ourselves some dynamite, just every day’s madness in San Andreas. And what does that Plane on this street? Anyways have fun watching GTA:SA rainbomized – (Flower)Pot-Race. Watch Part 2 here

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