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GTA San Andreas Rainbomized #2: A visit in Liberty City

Hi and welcome back 🙂 Today its about GTA San Andreas Gameplay rainbomized Episode 2. We play some GTA San Andreas again with Rainbomizer-mod. I enjoy this modification just way too much. It’s so stupid to delight yourself on having planes driving trough the streets or characters replaced with birds. lol.

So in this episode we play the second mission in Grove Street, but replaced with CJ’s trip to Liberty City to find and kill Forelli. Shit hit the fan really fast. Well what would you expect anyways. Luckily there is that nifty little invention called Minigun. It might be called Minigun but a more appropriate name might be Maxigun, just because the fact that this thing deals damage at an maximum level.

And I want to take the moment to thank my very first viewers who start rolling in and also a big shoutout for the first followers on twitter. You guys are great and make me feel worth my time doing stuff like GTA San Andreas Gameplay rainbomized Episode 2. I know, I know it sounds a bit generic, but I have to write it down that way so the SEO is satisfied.

If you want to try the mod out for yourself here is the github Please note that the mod will work with Version 1.0 US only!

If you enjoyed that shit, you are very welcome to visit this page for Episode #3 of GTA San Andreas rainbomized gameplay.

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