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My Summer Isolation

Heya welcome to My Summer Car Gameplay Episode 2. In this Video one thing becomes clear: dwelling for several weeks in isolation will have an impact on one’s mind and psychic health. I real live, but also in My Summer Car Game hard work often helps to make sense of yourself. So get your spanners out and work that machine! Or do you prefer chopping wood? Definitivly the finnish wilderness has got enough trees to cut down in a whole lifetime. But will it be enough? Or are we in for a dramatic, very emotional ride? They say depression will lead into alcohol abuse. My Summer Car is a car mechanic Simulator, but since it’s release in 2016 it has come a long way. You see now it is even possible to discover the deepness of human mind and soul. Or in other words: My Summer Car could also be named : My Isolation Simulator. Once facing beeing alone, the deepest, darkest emotions come to surface. It appears that in our story we handle things, but suddenly a unforeseen event will change everything. Tune in My Summer Car Gameplay Episode 2 – My Summer Isolation and find out what happend.

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Apparently Dailymotion reduced its Quality due to high demand again ._. so for the moment the video is only available in 360p. 🙁

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