My Summer Car Season 2: a (more) German approach

‘sup. Welcome to this My Summer Car Season 2. Today we take a more German approach to that shitfuckery of a game. You see, this is a car mechanic simulator. And we have been playing it, without the car mechanic aspect. In the last Episode we were more or less sitting around drinking Beer and Booze. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a particulary bad thing to do, but […]

My Summer Isolation

Heya welcome to My Summer Car Gameplay Episode 2. In this Video one thing becomes clear: dwelling for several weeks in isolation will have an impact on one’s mind and psychic health. I real live, but also in My Summer Car Game hard work often helps to make sense of yourself. So get your spanners out and work that machine! Or do you prefer chopping wood? Definitivly the finnish wilderness […]

My Summer Car Episode #1: Lost in Suomi

Whats up folks, welcome to My Summer Car Episode #1! Today we are Lost in Soumi Finland, playing one of my all time Favourites: My Summer Car. Altough I almost never played it for my self, I have been watching Let’s Plays by others many many times. My Summer Car got everything you need: alcohol, gambling, strong language and a beautiful countryside to roam trough. You know, the good ol’ […]