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My Summer Car Episode #1: Lost in Suomi

Whats up folks, welcome to My Summer Car Episode #1! Today we are Lost in Soumi Finland, playing one of my all time Favourites: My Summer Car. Altough I almost never played it for my self, I have been watching Let’s Plays by others many many times. My Summer Car got everything you need: alcohol, gambling, strong language and a beautiful countryside to roam trough. You know, the good ol’ fashioned way: Gasoline in the tank and beer in the veines. And of course, don’t you forget the swearing? I rarely experienced a video game with its in-game-character swearing that authentically. This is a truly beautiful thing. As a car mechanic simulator My Summer Car’s main objective is to fix an old Nissan Cherry aka Satsuma AMP ingame. But there are many other activities to attend to. Since our car is still a piece of junk, we have to use a tiny motorcycle to roam around; a true pocket bike, if you will, but appearantly with some more horsepower than the thingies Ive encountered in my life. And yes, the fuel gauge. Who does hide this things in the wide open side of the bike? Do you need a degree in an engineers class to understand how this things work? Or am I just stupid. Well, this is a rhetorical question, of course. So thanks but you do not need to reply. And also the handling. If I got a cent every time I fall on my cakehole, I at least have had 13 cents. Which might be not that much, but also is not that bad. *Insert here a random chernobyl-roentgen-joke* And imagine the hussle to fetch beer with that thing. You only can fit one case at the time on that tiny contraption. So you would need to drive back and forth for an decent amount of beer. In todays episode we are trying to get started. But like my first video, things dont necessarily go according to plan. I hope me screwing up isn’t something to get routine lol. But also, this is only My Summer Car Episode #1, so we have plenty time to improve.

If you are interested in the game, go and check its webpage:

I also have a second Episode, go watch it! 🙂

Hi I am a mad scientist and a philosopher who likes to play video games. Especially simulations, space games and weird stuff you can find on the Internet. Oh and Viking shit. Get yourself some snacks, or a joint, or both. who cares. get seated and enjoy the show.
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