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[GTA V] Visit Los Santos – have Fun

Let’s play GTA V visit Los Santos – have Fun? … Welcome to fabulous… Los Santos No, Wait wasn`t that supposed to be Las Vegas? Well anyways, we are playing GTA V and Trevor felt like leaving his humble home in the Desert and travel to Los Santos, a big, glowing glob of cancer of postmodern times. A true shithole with posh people hanging around, one more important than the other. Luckily Trevor is that open minded type of guy and has no problem to get into conversation and does`t mind self-centered people all too much. So he takes is car-motorcycle-hybrid-contraption and goes en route to Los freaking Santos. This City is vibrant with positive, life-affirming and helpful folks, who are more than willing to help a hayseed to take step in modern city life. Also, luckily, Trevor is a humble and insightful man, whose patience is endless like the seven seas. Class of cultures you might say? I’d reply with “A progressive social science experiment at the nerve of time” Or if you need to choose other words, less fancy ones, you can say a digital cock-fight. I advert to the feathered ones, silly you.

Well, in generally spoken he just tries to fit in and make some friends. To move to a new place is hard, leaving family, your views of life and the safety of a known environment behind yourself and dive into the great new possibilities opening in front of you. Doing so requires others to lend you a open hand and a cheering heart. Is Los Santos the right place for that? We ll leave that open to discussion. But if you Visit Los Santos – (and) have Fun, you need to be open minded, it appears.

He even got an opportunity to introduce himself to a movie studio. Is this the begin of his carreer in the movie business; and even more important, will he become what he was fighting against in the beginning? Let’s find out and Let’s play GTA V – have Fun

Although GTA V is coming to ages, it still is really worth while playing. It is one of the games in which you can spend many hours of plain discoveries and looking out of all the freaking details the devs did put into.

Steam owner? Get it here. I am not affiliated with steam, tho.

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