I did it again… I rainbomized GTA

Yo, what’s up my fellow gamers! Today, I’ve got something extra special for you 😀 I rainbomized GTA V and it was a total trip. I’m talking unicorns, rainbows, and more colors than you can shake a stick at. It took me hours to get everything set up, but man was it worth it. I tried every version of Windows, every virtual machine, and every product key under the sun. […]

[GTA V] Visit Los Santos – have Fun

Let’s play GTA V visit Los Santos – have Fun? … Welcome to fabulous… Los Santos No, Wait wasn`t that supposed to be Las Vegas? Well anyways, we are playing GTA V and Trevor felt like leaving his humble home in the Desert and travel to Los Santos, a big, glowing glob of cancer of postmodern times. A true shithole with posh people hanging around, one more important than the […]