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[Sea of Thieves] Solo Ashens Fortress: Jouney to Pirate Legend

Arrr welcome back me Hearties to Apollux Plays Games. Today a rare (harr harr) occusion happens: I be becoming pirate legend! Join me in me jouney t’ an ashens fortress fer sweet booty. I be fightin’ all for myself these salty, scrapped skelly asses. Tune in and let’s sail together th’ Sea o’ Thieves

I be warning ya: I be using som’ strong language quite oft’n. But I be doin’ it with a pur’ heart. Also I do that quite often here, so be advised 🙂

I am still a newbie in terms of creating videos and after revising the video I came to the conclusion that sometimes the camera is a little hectic and eye-cancer-triggering. I am sorry for that. I be constantly improving me skills fer ya, I be promising 🙂

Arrr an’ one more thin’: You be followin’ me twitter will ya?!


Hi I am a mad scientist and a philosopher who likes to play video games. Especially simulations, space games and weird stuff you can find on the Internet. Get yourself some snacks, get seated and enjoy the show.
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