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RBSA:4 – A trip to the beach ended.. here?

In this episode of GTA San Andreas we decide to go down to the beach after a stressful day in RL, so what could be better than RBSA:4 – A trip to the beach ended.. here? . So we enjoy a sniff of virtual sea breeze at the beach of Los Santos. Because this is a SEO optimized text I repeat the title of the Game just now. In GTA San Andreas we arrived at the beach and relaxed a little bit. But then (clickbait) something unbelieveable happened. How did we end up in a top secret military base? Then plan was just to have a nice, relaxing day and suddenly everything changed. Area 69 is a top secret military base and we just ended up going there for a reason. But was it successful? I think there is no other way than to watch this Episode of GTA San Andreas Rainbomized. Boy I do love this mod really much. Its so random. I like how this is so random. Also I enlarge the text unnecessarily long because I heard that that search engines like text at least of 400 to 600 Characters. Well I won’t probably this number but at least I tried. And Rockstar’s GTA San Andreas is quite a few years old but also gold. So enjoy your stay and join me in playing this game. Well kinda 220ish words is also not bad if you ask me. Hehe. Thanks for reading.

Note: in revision, this is one of my favorite early pieces of this channel / blog. Good old Gta San Andreas <3 this is exactly the kind of mayhem I enjoy in video games. Enjoy watching RBSA:4 – A trip to the beach ended.. here?

I recommend you to watch the previous part

Getting a copy of the game nowadays is getting really hard. Maybe you check out Amazon. At time of this writing they have a copy for 149,00 $ . damn what a steal lol

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