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Freelancer Episode #4: Thinfoilhat geschwurbel and the germans invading (again)

Greeeeetings, spacepilots. Be welcomed to another Lets play of Freelancer: Episode #4. While progressing the Story, we run into thinfoilhats everywhere. Boy, population grows quickly lol. Last Episode we went hunting some artifact smugglers in the northern Liberty System of Colorado. We arrested a criminal called Sean Ashcroft and brought him for interogation to Battleship Missouri. In todays Episode we escort an classified artifact transport, to bring the artifacts to a military installation for further investigation. Things went highly dramatic, lol, and we fought some Pirates. As the story progresses more, one might get the intention this thinhat geschwurbel is not that far off. But see for yourself. Is the Government trying to hide something? Why is there false information being spread on newschannels?

Also we upgraded our ship a little bit. We found some advanced energy weapons while fighting some tough pirates, off camera tho. Also, we upgraded our rockets: Instead of having one pair of launchers sharing the same stock, we opted for another type. Now we have two different kinds of rockets, and double the ammo. Nice. Rocketmayham ahead!

As todays story progresses, we run into germans. Thats kinda funny, because in the last Episode of my summercar I said I was being more German to build the car engine and stuff, and now the germans are onto us. Coincidence? I think not.

As far as the spacefight is concerned: you know the drill. More Missles mean more Explosions. More Explosions mean more fun. Nice stuff. So why not join me in this Lets play Freelancer Episode #4: Thinhats everywhere. Also the Germans invading again.

If you are interested in the whole series, then go ahead and click this >>Link<<

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