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My Summer Car Gameplay #3 – 1337 M3c4n1c

‘sup Greasemonkeys Its Apollux here, challenged with the Task to write a text to my newest piece 1337 M3c4n1c – My Summer Car Gameplay #3. I enjoy this format very much not using YouTube but having all the challenges with running a own blog. Starting from legal stuff to hosting solutions. It is quite a journey, I can tell you. But also very rewarding. The process of shooting a video transforms in a real act of creation. Not just simply shoot a video, cut it, and then put it to YouTube letting it do it’s thing. Ironically I still need google to rank my page in it’s indexes. But very well, search engines are quite useful things to find interesting stuff and to get found. The Internet is quite an adventure. As my Summer Car is. And what an experience. This is the coolest shit on god’s blue earth. You can call it a basic life simulator – and discover you true redneck identity. Wake up, drink a beer, hussle around to get some money for you daily living, tinker around with cars and bikes, go fishing, burn your own liquor and race around in the woods.

So, lean back, start the video and let redneck-tv entertain you just for a little bit. Get something to drink, something to eat and calm down from your daily struggles in the modern world and just enjoy some good old fooling around. I mean, I for my part I am even still productive and try to fix the satsuma. You know, the car which is – my summer – car? And we visit a nearby rally and try to socialize a little bit. That appeared a little tough, my conversation partner were more of the quite kind. You could even say a bit locked up – as if, as if they were non player character or something.

Ok, At last I have to intersperse a few Tags and the focus keyphase a second time to make search engines like me more, so have fun when enjoying 1337 M3c4n1c – My Summer Car Gameplay #3. May I advertise the second part to you? And a shout out to it’s developer

Hi I am a mad scientist and a philosopher who likes to play video games. Especially simulations, space games and weird stuff you can find on the Internet. Oh and Viking shit. Get yourself some snacks, or a joint, or both. who cares. get seated and enjoy the show.
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