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Postal 4- Monday – Arrival in Edensin

Welcome on my Blog, today we treat ourselves with some Postal 4 No Regerts Arrival in Edensin – It’s Monday and we get a warm welcome in Sunny State Arizona, where the days are hot and the minds even more. First thing to do, of course, is to properly arm up and find a wageslave job. At least this is AMERICA, Boy. Of course we don’t pay for weapons and ammo so we just have to harvest our fellow Americans. Thanks for bringing your gun. The guy at the Job office also appears trustworthy and in good hygiene. And the guy at our first worksite is totally fitted for his job as well. It appears all of them inhabitants of Edensin are some humble, laid back firendly folk.

I have read a lot of negative critics of Postal 4: No regerts. And sincerely I can understand some of them. When you come with a high attitude then you might get disappointed: Some of the missions appear somewhat generic, go here, jump there, remember some codes and beat up prisoners. But! There is a lot effort put into detail, the overall madness level is >9000 and the shootouts are outragous and very bloody. Good fitted for a outragous satirical shoot’em’up. One thing this Game clearly needs: serous optimization. But the devs already announced that for a later update. Let’s hope they deliver before I finish the game. So let’s dive into Postal 4 Monday

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