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Freelancer Episode #5: Flee from Liberty

What’s up my fellow spacepilots!? Welcome to today’s Freelancer Episode 5: Flee from Liberty Microsoft’s Freelancer Gameplay. It’s the fifth episode of Freelancer and thus makes Freelancer the longest Series of Apollux Plays Games. It’s been a long while since we played Freelancer for the last time, one reason is that I needed to migrate Gamefiles from another Hard drive to my actual, and yeah.

So what happened the last time? We were on the hunt for illegal artifact smugglers in the Liberty Sector, with LSF Pilot Jun’ko Zane. Pretty successful too. We took prison a major smuggler just as things about to get weird: high rank officials disappeared, records being deleted and finally the smuggler disappeared as well. Rheinlanders were attacking Government bases in liberty space and shit got tense.

In this Episode things escalate: on gunpoint Trent needed to surrender but luckily Juni arrived just in time to save his ass. But now shit is on fire.

Watch todays episode to find out how Juni and Trent are going to save their asses, who is supporting them and where we are headed. So sit back and enjoy Freelancer Episode 5: Flee from Liberty Microsoft’s Freelancer Gameplay. Its nice.

or watch previous episode here

did I hook you? This game is amazing, tho it is very old. BUT: That is an advantage. You can download it here. Please note: I do not own the Internet Archive and you download any software at your own risk. You cannot hold me liable if this does not work for you or does any harm to your pc. Anti-virus Software almost always is your friend.

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