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Postal 4 Gameplay – Monday: Part Two (Shit is on Fire)

Hi y’all and welcome back to my page and welcome to Postal 4 Gameplay – Monday: Part Two (Shit is on Fire). Today we are enjoying some more runninng with scissorses Postal 4 and oh boy do I enjoy this. We kick up where we left off: Working for the local job agency. If you haven’t seen the first part I recommend you to do so here Sewage working is not for the faint hearded but luckely the Postal Dude is more on the tough side. After some minor encounters on the peaceful side and resulting shootings in Edensin we head for the town’s sewage.

Down there we enjoy the company of many fine and well cultivated ladies and gentlemen. Also the site offers some cute animal we befriend and cuddle. You wouldn’t believe me but there also is a lot of shit. and I mean *a lot of* You might say Shit is on fire.

We have to clean clogged pipes and change some worn out light bulbs and also run back and forth to get some spare parts for the pumping station. Thats a job only the manliest men can handle. and so: Boom.

Altough the game got some worse feedbacks I still enjoy its weird and also pretty shallow humor. If you also enjoy some stupid shit from time to time, then go over to the developers page on steam. Last but not least I wish you a great time watching Postal 4 Gameplay – Monday: Part Two (Shit is on Fire)

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