GTA:SA rainbomized – (Flower)Pot-Race

Ahoi Gamers and welcome to GTA:SA rainbomized – (Flower)Pot-Race! Today we won’t set sail, but instead race a flowerpot. You are about to get in into a new Episode of the shitfest-bonanza called Rainbomizer Mod for GTA San Andreas. GTA San Andreas itself is a Game you can grab out of your shelf and de-dust it to play it again in 2020. And if you happen to be lucky enough […]

My Summer Isolation

Heya welcome to My Summer Car Gameplay Episode 2. In this Video one thing becomes clear: dwelling for several weeks in isolation will have an impact on one’s mind and psychic health. I real live, but also in My Summer Car Game hard work often helps to make sense of yourself. So get your spanners out and work that machine! Or do you prefer chopping wood? Definitivly the finnish wilderness […]

[Sea of Thieves] Solo Ashens Fortress: Jouney to Pirate Legend

Arrr welcome back me Hearties to Apollux Plays Games today it’s Sea of Thieves Gameplay Episode 1 – Becoming Pirate Legend. Join me in me jouney t’ an ashens fortress fer sweet booty. I be fightin’ all for myself these salty, scrapped skelly asses. Tune in and let’s sail together th’ Sea o’ Thieves This game is truly an eye-candy and you have plenty activities to attend to. The best […]

FREELANCER: A new Beginning

Welcome back to Apollux Plays Games – today with Chris Robert’s Freelancer Gameplay Episode 1! So it’s space again. Sirius Sector to be specific. Mankind was in the mid of an enduring war, raging for centuries when the alliance decided to send out sleeper ships to have a fresh start. That was 800 Years ago and now it’s time for Edison Trent, our brave Protagonist. Freelancer is a masterpiece of […]

GTA San Andreas Rainbomized #2: A visit in Liberty City

Hi and welcome back 🙂 Today its about GTA San Andreas Gameplay rainbomized Episode 2. We play some GTA San Andreas again with Rainbomizer-mod. I enjoy this modification just way too much. It’s so stupid to delight yourself on having planes driving trough the streets or characters replaced with birds. lol. So in this episode we play the second mission in Grove Street, but replaced with CJ’s trip to Liberty […]

Yes Your Grace: Messed up King who is a messed up parent makes messed up decisions in messed up kingdom

In today’s Let’s play Yes Your Grace Episode 1, we play Brave at Night’s Indie Game Yes Your Grace. It is a point and click adventure all about making tough decisions. Join me in reigning a f****d up Kingdom, making doubtable decisions while progressing somehow. Many plebs are visiting me in my crown hall and want me stuff to do or pay which is hard, because there is no money […]

[GTA V] Visit Los Santos – have Fun

Let’s play GTA V visit Los Santos – have Fun? … Welcome to fabulous… Los Santos No, Wait wasn`t that supposed to be Las Vegas? Well anyways, we are playing GTA V and Trevor felt like leaving his humble home in the Desert and travel to Los Santos, a big, glowing glob of cancer of postmodern times. A true shithole with posh people hanging around, one more important than the […]

My Summer Car Episode #1: Lost in Suomi

Whats up folks, welcome to My Summer Car Episode #1! Today we are Lost in Soumi Finland, playing one of my all time Favourites: My Summer Car. Altough I almost never played it for my self, I have been watching Let’s Plays by others many many times. My Summer Car got everything you need: alcohol, gambling, strong language and a beautiful countryside to roam trough. You know, the good ol’ […]

FTL: First flight of the Kestrel (disastrous)

Get seated and watch the first flight of the Kestrel in our Faster than Light #1 Epdisode. One might say not everything went according to plan, but see for your self. The Game I am playing is called Faster than light, which is a real time strategy taking place in space, having the player managing the ship and its crew. Main objective is to escape a fleet of ships trying […]